What We Do

Projects typically revolve around the following areas and are tailored to the particular needs and circumstances of each client:


Core Strategy Solutions

Adoption & Growth Strategy

Increase market traction for an existing product/service or identify opportunities for new ones

Channel Strategy

Define how various channels can build customer relationships and drive growth while earning a return on investment

Strategic Alignment

Define how key functions – such as IT and Marketing – can align with and best support the organization’s strategy

Business and Pricing Models

Determine which business and pricing model best leverages our clients’ core capabilities and market opportunities to optimize value for them and their customers.

Scenario Analysis

Explore potential market trajectories and identify strategic paths and opportunities to capitalize on them

Modeling & Measurement Solutions

Core Value Modeling ©

Construct an economic model of the business that allows managers to identify, monitor, and validate those factors – both quantitative and qualitative – that most drive performance.  In turn, provide a roadmap for managers to set direction and priorities.

Business Cases

Explore and quantify the financial impact of proposed strategic investments

Business Intelligence & Performance Reporting

Design a framework of essential metrics, reports, and information for monitoring performance and making better decisions

Strategic Coaching

Structured, hourly sessions with managers to guide strategic thinking as well as enhance strategic skills and communications