Strategic Coaching

While certain situations that managers face require a full-scale strategy project, many situations simply require strategic consideration and guidance.

For these instances, we offer Strategic Coaching.

Coaching extends from a central tenet of our philosophy to help clients build their own strategic capabilities. It is oriented towards individuals who value the power of a strategic perspective in guiding the wide range of responsibilities they have. As such, our clients include   entrepreneurs as well as large companies, executives as well as middle managers.

What It Involves

Coaching involves structured hourly sessions that are designed around a client’s needs and schedule. A sample of issues addressed include the following:

  • Articulating or refining what goals and objectives are
  • Determining what drives performance and how to support larger organizational metrics
  • Identifying strategic issues and opportunities
  • Framing and communicating strategic issues as a compelling story
  • Thinking through strategic alternatives and approaches
  • Setting strategic priorities and identifying what factors are critical to implementing them successfully

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