What Makes Us Different | Philosophy & Approach

Strategic issues often are complex and involve a high degree of uncertainty and ambiguity. Our philosophy and approach are tailored to the unique demands these issues provide.

Seasoned, Diverse Team

We use small teams of seasoned consultants with experience across multiple industries and disciplines. We constantly challenge ourselves and seek to understand issues from multiple angles. As a result, we’re able to provide clients with a critical combination of research, judgment, and unique perspectives.


Because most business environments are dynamic, any given strategy depends on key assumptions of how the market may react or change.  As a result, we give our clients a different way of thinking by synthesizing findings into scenarios that reflect different sets of assumptions and opportunities.

Incremental and Achievable

We believe projects are most successful and efficient as a culmination of small, incremental milestones. This allows us to refine our approach as a project progresses as well as ensure solutions are tangible and achievable.

Bias to Implementation

Even the best strategy is worthless without the ability to be implemented. We provide our clients with a clear Roadmap on how to implement a solution, including key elements – such as skills, roles, processes, technology, and metrics – needed to make it succeed.


Clients will always know more than their consultants about the day-to-day issues of their business. We couple our strategic skillset with this vital knowledge to create viable and powerful solutions.

Qualitative and Quantitative

Successful strategies must ultimately create bottom-line value. Using our experience in accounting and finance, we often explore the interplay between qualitative strategy issues and quantitative value.