What is Strategy?

There are countless definitions of Strategy. But for us, Strategy fundamentally is about choice. Specifically, it is about the choices an organization makes to direct its resources – i.e. limited staff, attention, and capital – towards achieving its goals in the most optimal way.

Strategy can be existential – such as ‘what kind of organization do we want to be and compete on?’. And it can be concrete – such as ‘which customers do we want to target?’ and ‘what revenue model is most effective?’.


Making strategic choices often faces an environment of much uncertainty and ambiguity:

  • Markets can change, rendering a winning strategy obsolete
  • Much essential information often doesn’t exist
  • Consumer and competitor reaction can be unpredictable
  • The organization may struggle to fully embrace or support the strategy

How organizations tackle these challenges can have a far-reaching impact on every aspect of their business. At FutureSet Strategy, we help them navigate these challenges successfully.