Our Team

We are a team of seasoned consultants, motivated by the desire to help our clients achieve meaningful and enduring levels of success. We are recognized not only for our expertise but also for our ability to think creatively and collaborate seamlessly.

Our Core Team:

Reuben Danzing

Founder and Managing Director

Reuben is the founder and Managing Director of FutureSet Strategy LLC. As a senior-level strategist and former CPA with over 25 years of experience, he has established a strong track record of designing strategies and business intelligence solutions that have helped a wide range of organizations adapt to new competitive challenges and grow.  His focus is on bridging the strategy and financial worlds – i.e. connecting the qualitative with the quantitative – in a way that yields creative, yet fact-based and practical, solutions.

Before founding FutureSet, Reuben was the Lead Strategist at Dell Professional Services (formerly Plural Inc.) in New York, where he helped build and lead the firm’s Strategic Services practice. Reuben was also a Manager at Ernst & Young’s Management Consulting Division, where he led and supported global projects around strategy development and performance measurement, co-authoring the firm’s Performance Measurement methodology.

Reuben has a Masters in Public and Private Management from the Yale University School of Management and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Virginia.

Walter Callender

Lead Strategist

Walter brings over twenty years of strategic consulting, technology implementation and management skills to FutureSet.  He has extensive experience developing solutions with measurable bottom line impact as well as in starting businesses and team building.

Walter is the founder of both Practico Innovation, a business innovation incubator, and C Squared Strategy LLC. Before then, he led the New York headquarters of Plural (later acquired by Dell Professional Services), a tech consultancy he helped grow to over $100 million, 150 people and 60 clients. He also founded Plural’s strategy group. Prior to those positions, Walter served as the Managing Director and Architect of Global Research for Bankers Trust. While there, he pioneered the industry’s use of the internet as a distribution channel for sharing research and supporting client relationships.

Walter has a Masters in Business Administration from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts from Dartmouth College.

Mark Farmer


Mark is a senior-level strategist with deep eBusiness and interactive experience. Mark brings a broad understanding of the technological and strategic forces that shape a wide variety of market sectors.

Mark was a founding member of the strategy group at Dell Professional Services (formerly Plural Inc.) and led strategy teams for major financial and B2B clients. Prior to joining Plural, Mark was a Vice President of Client Solutions at Macquarium Intelligent Communications in Atlanta. He also created and is the CEO of Ezvaluator, a provider of small business appraisal services.

Mark has a Masters in Architecture and a Bachelor of Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Ana Hurtado

Senior Techology Architect